How to volunteer with BLS

Are you a dynamic, self-motivated and hardworking individual who respects diversity and is also passionate about working with the marginalized populations in rural set-ups? Well, Begin Life Safely would like to work with you! BLS believes in the power of volunteerism in transforming communities. We highly value our volunteers and will appreciate your commitment to support BLS free of charge while gaining valuable experience.

Areas of interest to BLS

1. Community Work – includes mobilization, visits to homes of current and potential participants, identifying new donors towards our programs, research, environmental protection campaigns etc.

2. Mentorship – training in counseling, social work – to support the beneficiaries by monitoring, motivating, providing guidance and role modeling to our teenage expectant mothers.

3. Fundraising – helping with designing and implementing effective strategies to raise funds locally.

4. Publicity and Website Maintenance –collecting newsworthy information and updating the site regularly, organizing publicity events, monitoring and analyzing site popularity, newsletter design and production, etc.

5. Various – supporting any aspect of managing BLS activities, wherever there is a gap. Examples:
a) Financial audit
b) Programmatic audit
c) Facilitating health education sessions ( including ANC, FP, EBF etc), IGA trainings
d) Fundraising and proposal writing
e) Events planner for fundraising.
f) Marketing of our products made locally by our mothers.

6. Other areas of interest to BLS – go ahead and propose a new area and we will discuss its utility in achieving our goals.

Volunteer Application Form

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